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When a person hears Reputation Management, the first thing that comes to mind is: “What are people saying about me”? This is true in many aspects, but it also dives a lot deeper than simple conversation. There are several different areas that need to be considered when dealing with Reputation Management. Business listings, reviews, social media and content are all things that will affect a companies reputation. Personal attributes can affect a companies reputation as a whole, these negative pieces of information need to be dealt with swiftly, and treated as an Exxon Valdez type situation, with immediate action. Having a poor online reputation is equivalent to a natural (or man-made) disaster, that needs immediate clean up. ¬†We now live in a world where if a peanut butter Christmas tree looks round, social media will explode with pictures and content surrounded around the deformity of a single piece of candy.

Business listings (MAP or NAPW) are the first thing consumers see when doing research in your business category. There are several different types of business listings: Directories, Social Media, Search Engines and Review Sites. Every time you enter your NAPW into a website, that information eventually becomes searchable. The more places your business shows up with consistent information, the more trusted your presence appears to the general population. Now, what happens when that information is incorrect? Depending on how the prospective client/consumer is trying to make contact (physical address, phone number, or website) will dictate the outcome of the situation. Can you imagine researching a business that has exactly what you need, and you drive to a location that is non existent? This is damaging in the sense that the client/consumer will end up going to a competitor, and more than likely never visit your place of business. The same applies to your phone number and website. If your phone is disconnected, or your website is an error page, you are likely to never see that customer, or receive referrals from your outstanding product/service.

Reviews are obviously the centerpiece of Reputation Management, because let’s face it, who wants to do business with a one star company? Handling reviews that are negative should be handles timely, and effectively. During a recent analysis, our team at The Right SEO discovered a company that had eight negative reviews, across eight different review platforms, all on the same day. This company would have a 5 star reputation with the tremendous amount of positive reviews, but their overall score dropped to a 3.9 star rating. Typically, people don’t like to get online to write a positive review, they tend to review things if they are either extremely happy or unhappy. Can you imagine reviewing every product you use in a day? The key to managing reviews is to constantly know what information is being published about your business. There are 2 ways to do this: enter your business name into a search engine at least twice a day, or hire an outside agency to monitor this for you. Managing positive reviews is just as crucial as responding to, and dealing with negative reviews. If someone has taken the time to review your company (hopefully 5 stars), you should take the time to respond to the review, and thank the person or organization for their kind words. These positive reviews should also be shared across your company social media pages as well. Whether the review is negative or positive, always respond!

People will always ask: “How does content affect my reputation”? The answer is simple, yet there are many people who do not properly optimize content for the true meaning. If you have a restaurant, and you are ranking for pest control, you may have a serious problem! Content comes from several sources across the web, managing this content is the key to success. Your company website is the central hub for everything that is your business online, having relevant content will help promote you business in a substantial way. Social media, and review sites contain content that is updated on a daily basis. Always be on the lookout for new content that is from an individual, or even from a business blog post. As of today, content is king, and it will continue to be a SEO ranking factor, and directly affect the reputation of your business.

Now that we have mentioned it a couple times, it’s time to dive into social media. Things were different in the days of MySpace, ans AOL Instant Messenger. It has been amazing seeing the growth of social platforms, nobody could really predict how much of an impact, and how many people would come to use it in the digital age. Social media is a place to get thoughts out to your followers, even if they are positive or negative. Social media has become an all inclusive social chat, directory listing, review site and landing page for all businesses alike. Just posting to social media is no longer enough, you need to have new relevant content, be optimized, and most importantly stay active. Sometimes it can be tough for a business owner to manage these platforms on their own, this is where hiring an outside expert is worth its weight in gold. A large percentage of people are now on social media, this is probable the easiest place to vent or give praise regarding services or a product. Being diligent when it comes to social media is imperative, and should be monitored constantly.

There are many different aspects of Reputation Management, but as a business owner, it is your responsibility to monitor and maintain them all. Our team at The Right SEO is here to help, we are more than happy to analyze your current reputation, and even maintain it for you. If immediate action is required, we have several experts that can help you come up with a strategic game plan. As your company grows, you may want to consider hiring an in house expert, or an outside digital marketing agency.

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